Some Benefits of Cat Flaps…

How to install a cat door?
The flap can be installed in any door, it’s essential to consider size before making your purchase, we need to create a template to delineate the outline of the door using a piece of card and pen or pencil.
Then we cut out the template and place it over the chosen door to outline the contours.
We’ll start by drilling holes in the corners of the outline and then cut out the sides with a jigsaw.
We remove the woods and start assembly in the cat door.
In this case, it’s necessary to fix the doors with screws to ensure it is well secured.
( for a practical tutorial you can check youtube for more clarification)
The benefits of having a cat door
Cat doors facilitate the movement of a cat from one room to another, from the interior to the exterior of the home, at this point we should point out that it is inadvisable to that an unsterilized cat outdoors, due to the overpopulation of felines.but what challenges does a cat flap until?
Firstly, if a cat has never before encountered one, the cat door becomes a mental challenge, it’s likely they are cautious at first, for this reason, it may be advisable to leave the hole open for a while before installing the door, we can use treats or other encouragement to help them move through the hole, this can be a good stimulation exercise to keep their mind active, as we stated in the introduction the door allows greater freedom of movement.

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