When do kittens can open their eyes after birth?

As with humans, even kittens are dependents on their parents at birth. They have yet to open their eyes and their sense of smell taste and their touches are very limited, at this early stage, they are especially delicate and will require special care to develop properly. So when do kittens can open their eyes after birth?
The “Neonatal” period in cats begins during their birth and ends around nine days of life, at this time cats have their eyes closed and they’re yet to develop their muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments.
So their mobilities are very limited at this stage, kittens mustn’t be separated from their mothers, as it will seriously harm their developments, the kittens have enough taste, smell and touch to instinctively find their mother and breastfeed by stimulating her nipples.
Although they cannot do much else, they start hearing before nine days of age, so at what age do they open their eyes?
The opening of their eyes usually takes between nine and fifteen days of life, in some cases it may be longer.
Cat’s vision will develop rapidly, cats need to socialize. The period of socialization begins around two weeks of age but will vary according to the individual after this time kittens will recognize their mothers and siblings beginning to identify objects and investigate the world around them.
At this stage, it is not uncommon for kittens to try to interact with everything they see. Although their abilities are not acute enough to move correctly, resulting in an awkward stumble, and falls after one month the kittens vision should develop enough to distinguish objects around them. Their abilities in walking, running, and jumping will improve, so they can become more playful, independent, and adventurous, at this time, they will begin to explore outside their nest, the place they have lived.

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