Why does my cat bite me?

If you have one or more cats you will likely have experienced this situation, your cat is looking you peacefully, then suddenly they strike.
What happened? that they did not like the petting you were giving in return? what is behind such capricious behavior?
It’s not always easy to understand what our cats are trying to say, what do biting and licking mean?
There’s no single way to interpret the licking and biting of cats, not even when they occur at the same time, this is why we will try to explain in detail the purposes behind these behaviors, both of which are characteristic of the species.
Why do cats lick? when a cat licks us especially licking our hair they are carrying out grooming behavior as they would to another cat.
On the other hand, excessive and intense licking can mean that something is not going well, indicating stress and anxiety and why do they bite?
As with licking, biting can have several meanings, they could be a sign of angry, very scared or angry cats display a very expressive, constricted, rigid and bristled body language, this is usually accompanied by hissing and warning meows, biting in this instance is not the same as biting carried out during play, it takes place when they get out of control, they may also give warning bites to ask us to stop bothering them.
Biting may also show affection but only with more controlled and repetitive nibbles, so why did cats lick and then bite?
Some cats can bite after licking us as an indicator to stop petting them immediately, others cats may do it as a continued sign of an affection, while some yet might do it as part of grooming behavior, when cats clean each other they lick a nibble to ensure thorough hygiene meaning it might be completely normal for our cat to bite us a little when grooming us, in these instances, it is completely normal and typical of the species, not a negative behavior.

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